This is very unusual for me… I’m launching a new blog/non-profit here and now. Why is this unusual? Because I don’t have it all perfect yet.

Generally I don’t put anything out into the world without agonizing over it and editing, rewriting, editing, overwriting until I hate it and talk myself out of publishing.

So today, while it’s still International Women’s Day for 30 minutes longer I’m writing my first “Women who rest” post. I’m not certain this will be the name… I have not found a wordpress theme I like… I’m nervous because this new endeavor is precious to my heart and soul yet I struggle to put into words what I have in mind.

But I want to put something, anything on a “page” to get started.

Why do this?

  • Maybe there will be some context. I’m about supporting women as they continue the protests, resistance, and persistence that I’ve been a part of.
  • I’m older now- in my Crone stage of life. I’m a Mage; a wise woman; an elder. I’m not as physically strong as I used to be, but you, as a younger woman can stand on my shoulders. I’ll support your courage and drive to blaze new trails.. I’ll carry your staff and your spear (they’re the same thing, you know)
  • And I invite you to rest, refresh, rejuvenate with me.. this powerful woman journey is arduous, beautiful and compelling.

So here’s my unfocused crappy first draft. Let’s start talking.

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