Well that happened fast …

Nerd Alert: I’m a Trekkie. Remember First Contact? Star Trek NG movie from 1996?

There’s a scene when Captain Picard and Lily are onboard the Enterprise and she asks about “who paid for all of this” referring to the Enterprise. His reply has stuck with me ever since (23 years?!) He says “The acquisition of wealth is no longer the driving force in our lives. We work to better ourselves and the rest of humanity.

I love that. Truly love that.

I write this from home, where I’ll be for the next weeks because I’m practicing healthy Covid-19 habits. I don’t have it, or symptoms of it (another post coming soon about that) My husband is in the immunity compromised category and I’m all about protecting his, and others, health.

Back to Star Trek … After this virus is over, run it’s course, or been managed, things will be different. Systems that have been in place forever will be changed. Repeating for the back row: THINGS WILL BE DIFFERENT.

A rampant and somewhat deadly virus is sort of an equalizer- even enormous amounts of wealth cannot keep you safe. We have to depend on each other, be selfless and do things for mutual good. I’ve heard and seen people reaching out to help others as we are observing “social distancing” … yay, good.

My own personal fantasy is that this will create a re-distribution of wealth and compassion. Covid-19 will diminish or eliminate the income for many, many taxpayers and consumers. There is no way the overblown economy of the US can survive as we know it. What if persons of power and extreme wealth lose family members and loved ones to Covid-19? Sometimes losing dear ones bring unexpected change in people; a realigning or prioritizing of what is valuable.

Could this serve as the WWIII-like catalyst that will usher in a time where “the acquisition of wealth is no longer the driving force in our lives?” A time where we work to better ourselves and the rest of humanity.”

Maybe not, probably not, but will we develop some real safety nets to help people? Certainly yes…. How about:

  • Paid family leave
  • Universal healthcare
  • Paying ALL people what they are worth, especially women who will shoulder the burdens of Covid-19
  • Developing more infrastructure so ALL can have equal access to college or newly needed trade education
  • Easily available Mental Health Services

We can start with those. It’s a critical time to reach out to each other and mostly those in power to share our personal stories and bring home the facts that we will not flourish and thrive without seriously re-thinking our priorities.

There have been good posts and comments about using this time to de-compress, play board games, plant gardens etc… I agree wholeheartedly – this is a sacred time. Unexpected – yes. Unwanted – yes. But reality is happening. I will use this down time to start new projects and finish the old. I will write, paint, plant some zucchini.

But mostly I’ll be thinking about what my new role will be post-Covid-19

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